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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Akwa Kart in Egypt

Valid for a lifetime, voice prepaid lines offer you a variety of rate plans and excellent customer care.

Best Recharge Card in Egypt!

Recharge credit or Minutes to all networks or Mix to all networks

Dial *811#


Get best-in-class prepaid mobile telecom services using 3.75G technology

Spin & Win

The following terms & conditions apply between the company Etisalat Misr (to be referred to later as The Company/ Etisalat Misr) and the company’s eligible customers (to be referred to later as “The customer” or “The contestant”

The Promotion & the Available Gifts:
  1. The customer will gain chances to use in the Spin & Win game where the chances will be received as follows:
    • Recharging their own line using 5 EGP or higher recharge cards
    • Renewing their own monthly bundles for bundles starting 21 EGP or higher balance
    • Renewing internet monthly bundles for bundles starting 21 EGP or higher balance
  2. Customers will be able to spin the wheel and benefit from one of the grand prizes, where the customer needs to be the actual owner of the line and the information available for the customer at Etisalat Misr needs to be matching the information provided by the customer.
  3. The gift is selected by Etisalat Misr in a random raffle when the customer wins the grand prize through the Spin & Win game, within the promo duration which shall be announced by Etisalat Misr
  4. The winners of the grand prize in the Spin & Win game will gain one of the following gifts.
Grand Prizes:
  • Scooter 1500W
  • Scooter 1000W
  • Television
  • Mobile Phone
  • 1000 EGP
  • 2000 EGP
  • 5000 EGP
In case the customer does not respond/reply to the phone call from Etisalat customer care, Etisalat has the right to withhold the gift and replaced with another customer to win the gift.
Terms & Conditions for the grand prizes
The terms & conditions to identify the winners and deliver the gifts:
  1. It is mandatory that the customer who won the grand prize be the official owner of the line, and the line user. In addition, the information provided by the customer as proof of ownership needs to match the information available at Etisalat Misr. In case the customer provides any inaccurate or incorrect information, then Etisalat Misr has full rights to remove the customer from the list of winners, and move to the next winner. The accuracy of the information provided is fully assessed by Etisalat Misr
  2. In order to claim gift, the winner customer needs to prove that The customer is the owner of the line that has been used in the competition and to be matching with the information recorded at Etisalat Misr
  3. The winning customers will receive their gifts from the place where they will be informed during the call informing them of the prize by Etisalat Misr.
  4. Upon receiving the prize, the customer shall provide his national ID or his passport with the ID or passport being valid and not expired to be viewed by the company with the right for the company to keep a copy of the National ID or passport. Otherwise the customer won’t be able to receive the prize. The customer will also have to sign a declaration form which proof the customer has received the gift/prize.
  5. In case the line of the winner belongs to any corporate. And one of the corporate employees is the user of the line. The employee will be validated as the user of the line, and his eligibility to win the gift from the authorized person of the corporate. In case the authorized person rejects (by providing a written and explained rejection, to be provided within one working day to Etisalat Misr from the date of being informed of the gift eligibility that the end user receive the gift, the winner will be disregarded and another winner will be selected.
  6. In case the line of the winner belongs to any corporate. And the line is registered under the delegated personname, yet the line is being used by any of the corporate employees, the line will be contacted within one working day, and the delegated person will need to be available, and the gift shall be received by the delegated person himself. Otherwise the winner will be disregarded and Etisalat Misr has the right to move on to the next contestant.
  7. Neither Etisalat employees nor any of their relatives to the 4th degree can join the competition in any direct or indirect way. Or win any of the gifts/prizes
  8. The winners are selected under the supervision of Etisalat Misr & a committee of its employees from different departments. The winner customer shall provide all the required documents and deliver it within 72 hours of the time they were informed of the prize. In case the customer doesn’t fulfill the requirement in the specified time, the customer is disregarded, and the next contestant will be eligible to the prize.
  9. The winner customer shall be eligible for one gift only.
  10. Etisalat Misr have the right to announce the winners across the different media, and the company has the right to post pictures, videos, or winner names in their advertising campaigns for the company. The campaigns can be displayed in all media channels & social media websites, and the winner does not have the right to request Etisalat for any financial claims or rights or any claims related to the publishing of the photos, videos, or names of the winners. Etisalat Misr has every right to ask the winners to make an appearance in different media channels selected by the company to advertise the competition. The acceptance of this term is mandatory to receive the gift.
The winner/customer declares that:
  • The customer has no right to submit any claims towards Etisalat Misr, or any of its affiliates, or supporting partners or entities for any losses, injuries, damages or grievances that could occur from the customer receiving or not receiving their gift. And the customer can’t submit any claims of any kind as a result of joining the competition
  • The customer has no right to appear in any TV programs as a winner, or contender of the competition without agreement of a representative of Etisalat Misr. And the customer will be subject to legal responsibility in case of breaching of this condition.
  • The customer cannot change the time or place to receive the present and he cannot sell, exchange, concede the gift or change the winner name.
  • Etisalat Misr has the right to use videos and images recorded for their advertising and marketing campaigns related to the competition.
  • Etisalat Misr is not responsible for the transportation of the gift/prize from one place to another and the customer shall receive the gift from the defined place by Etisalat Misr.
  • Etisalat Misr shall have no responsibility
  • The customer shall have no right after receiving the gift to submit any sort of complaints to Etisalat, or any other entity or claim that they didnt receive the gift.
  • The customer shall have full legal responsibility for any misuse or illegal use of any of the gifts
  • The customer needs to be eligible and fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned above.
These terms and conditions follow the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt

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