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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Best Recharge Card in Egypt!

Recharge credit or Minutes to all networks or Mix to all networks

Dial *811#


Recharge Cards
EGP 50 Card EGP 30 Card EGP 25 Card EGP 15 Card EGP 10 Card EGP 7 Card EGP 5 Card
Min or Mix 1300 Min or Mix 700 Min or Mix 1100 Min or Mix 750 Min or Mix 450 Min or Mix 300 Min or Mix 200
Valid 28 days Valid 28 days Valid 14 days Valid 7 days Valid 7 days Valid 3 days Valid 2 days
Minute to other networks for 5 minutes or 5 mix from Bundle
Call *811# and choose your recharge
Akwa Kart 30 & 50 EGP promos
Free Voucher from new Akwa Kart Cards
As a promotion for a limited time, Akwa kart 30 & 50 customers will be granted 10% from his recharge value as a gift voucher.
Recharge Card Cash Back Gift Validity
30 EGP 3 EGP 60 EGP
50 EGP 5 EGP 60 EGP
Customer will be granted 10% from his recharge card value as a gift starting from second recharge on Akwa Kart 30 & 50EGP only
Duration of recharge between two cards: must be less than 40 days to be eligible for the gift.
Free Hours Gift from New Akwa Kart Cards
As a promotion, customers will be granted free hours gift on Akwa Kart mix or minutes upon recharge Akwa Kart 30 & 50 EGP and promotion limited only for first 3 recharge transactions and promo valid for a limited duration
Free Hours Gift
Akwa Kart Free Hours Megabytes Validity
30 EGP 2 1000 Megabyte 28 Days
50 EGP 3 1500 Megabyte 28 Days
Minutes for Etisalat= 1 minute
Minutes to other networks= 5 minutes

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