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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Mega Bundles From Super Connect

With new Mega Monthly Bundles from Super Connect, double your usage on your favorite protocols and enjoy unlimited WhatsApp after you fully consume your bundle.

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Mega Monthly Bundles:
Bundle Fees
Main Quota MB
On your group's apps MB reaches
Out of  bundle usage
130 MB
260 MB
15 piasters for each MB
450 MB
900 MB
1,000 MB
2000 MB
2,100 MB
4200 MB
3,400 MB
6800 MB
5,400 MB
10800 MB
9,000 MB
18000 MB
12,000 MB
24000 MB
20,000 MB
40000 MB
40,000 MB
80000 MB
Mega Add-ons:
Add-ons fees
On your group's apps MB reaches
7.5 LE
250 MB
500 MB
15 LE
750 MB
1500 MB
30 LE
1800 MB
3600 MB
  • Upon subscription, you get 1 or more groups charged for ½ MB based on your bundle price.
  • After Subscription, you can change your rating group with one of the preset or customize through My Etisalat app.
 Rating Groups Details:
1- Mega Hero
FB, TikTok, Watchit, Instagram, FB Messenger, PUBG, Spotify & ET TV, ET Music, ET Games, ET News, ET Sports
2- Mega Max:
YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, TikTok, Sound Cloud, Free Fire & ET TV, ET Music, ET Games, ET News, ET Sports
3- Mega Express:
FB, TikTok, Shahid, twitter, telegram, Anghami, Clash Royale & ET TV, ET Music, ET Games, ET News, ET Sports
  • Customization option include; 6 apps to choose out of a pool of 10 apps (Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Shahid, Watchit, Netflix, Anghami, FB, PUBG & Soundcloud)
  • Bundles from 5 LE to 75 LE chooses 1 group.
  • Bundle 100 LE chooses 2 groups.
  • Bundles from 150 LE to 400 LE chooses 3 group.
  • WhatsApp is offered with throttled sped to be used upon reaching 100% consumption of bundle quota till end of bundle validity.
  • Carry-over service availed when customers renew before the 28th day or on the 28th day of the bundle validity. Remaining MB of the main bundle quota to be carried over to the next month.
  • Add-ons to follow main bundle validity
Terms & Conditions:
  • Customer can choose 6 applications in the rating group while customising his group through My Etisalat App. 
  • Customer can change his rating group only once per bundle cycle. 
  • WhatsApp throttled speed has a maximum capping that differs from a bundle to another. 
Bundle 5 LE offers 40MB, 10 LE offers 100MB, bundle 20 LE to 75 Le offer 200MB & bundles 100 LE to 400LE offers 100MB
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