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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Internet ADSL

Consistent high-speed Internet for your home use

Subscribe now to Etisalat DSL bundles and enjoy double quota for 3 months in VDSL ( 170, 250 , 310 , 410 )

New VDSL Tariffs
Rate Plan Price Quota Speed Router*
 VDSL 120  EGP 120  140 GB Up to 30 Mbps   VDSL
 VDSL 170  EGP 170  200 GB Up to30 Mbps  VDSL
 VDSL 250  EGP 250  300 GB Up to 30 Mbps  VDSL
 VDSL 500  EGP 500  600 GB Up to30 Mbps   VDSL
 VDSL 310  EGP 310  250 GB Up to70 Mbps  VDSL
 VDSL 410  EGP 410  250 GB Up to100Mbps   VDSL
 VDSL 600  EGP 600  500 GB Up to100Mbps   VDSL
*with 30 Mbps customer can choose between ADSL router (Free) and VDSL Router (228 EGP)
Terms And Conditions
  • VDSL Tariffs are Available to New and Existing Etisalat Customers.
  • Prices are taxes Exclusive.
  • Throttling Speed 256 Kbps.
  • For More Information, please visit the nearest Etisalat Store or call 16511.
  • You can get VDSL router and pay the price of the router in cash, or you can install its price on your bill.
  • The router Installment is available for new and existing customers, provided that the customer has never previously benefited from VDSL router installment payments.
  • You can add the extra quota for the ADSL bundle through the following additional monthly or renewal with add-ons:
 5 GB
 10 EGP
 20 GB
 25 EGP
 50 GB
 60 EGP
 100 GB
 100 EGP
Power-ups add-on
The power Ups add-on is available for subscription to all VDSL customers, without consuming from the main plan,
Add-ons available for subscription to all VDSL customers, with 2 options renewable &one time (30 days) add-ons:
  • Gaming add-ons
The gaming add-ons are available only to use in PUPG Mobile, PlayStation FIFA & PlayStation Fortnite 
 Power Up name
 Quota (GBs)
  •  Off peak add-ons
The off peak add-ons are available only from 3 AM to 1 PM
 Off peak
 50 LE
 100 GB
  • Streaming add-ons are available only to use on NetflixShahidAmazon Prime video & Etisalat TV
 Power Up name
 Price (EGP)
 Quota (GBs)
 Season Power Up
 Box Office Power Up
 Terms & conditions:
  • The priority of consumption is always will consume from on-demand then renewable add-ons, after consumed the power- Ups quota, will consume from main bundle with the original speed.
  • The subscription fees will be added to your next bill.
  • You can subscribe in Etisalat stores, My Etisalat APP or the customer care 777, 16511.
Prices are tax exclusive.