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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

International calls

Get the best connection to any country around the world, and flexible and effective international call services

International call service

Kol El Donya

The Kol El Donya, “Whole World” Service, gives you international call access any time at a flat rate

EGP 2.99 SMS 199 to opt-in
  • Pricing applies at the first minute of use - with no restrictions or limitations
  • Each call set up fee is EGP 1.5, to subscribe send an empty SMS to 1919 at the standard SMS rate
  • OR Paying only 10 EGP monthly fee. To subscribe, send an empty SMS to 199 at the normal SMS price
  • All Etisalat customers may subscribe to this service, except Super Raseed subscribers
  •  This service does not enable calls to Thuraya, Satellite or Hard To Reach zone.

Price plan
Zone Peak (6 am - 12 am) Off-Peak (12 am - 6 am)
Arab countries & USA 5.25 EGP/min 4.05 EGP/min
Europe & Canada 6.15 EGP/min 5.25 EGP/min
Rest of the world 7.65 EGP/min 6.00 EGP/min
Hard To Reach  12.00 EGP/min    12.00 EGP/min


* Satellite Rates:
Satellite Name Rates
El Thuraya 40 EGP/min
Inmarsat 90 EGP/min
Iridium 125 EGP/min
Air Connection 85 EGP/min


* Hard to Reach zone includes:

Tunisia Zimbabwe Seychelles
Mauritania Burundi Guinea
Niger Mali Chad
Morocco Sierra Leone Algeria
Maldives Madagascar Cuba


Premium Zone (EGP 25 per minute)
  • Premium international dial lists can include competitions, medical consultancies and more offers
  • Etisalat customers can call any premium number for EGP 25 per minute
  • Premium number pricing applies from the start of the call with no restrictions or limitations
  • Upon dialing a premium number, customers will receive a voice prompt informing them of the price per minute and giving them the option to cancel or continue the call
Other Internaional services 
  • International SMS price is 1.99 EGP
  • International MMS price is 7 EGP