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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Hekaya Postpaid

Enjoy all the Postpaid benefits, mega voice units & internet quota to cover your needs and full control over your monthly bill.

Hekaya Postpaid Tariffs
Rate Plan
Hekaya 75
Hekaya 125
Monthly Fees *Tax Inclusive 
75 EGP
Minute Units
1000 Units
2000 Units
Mobile Internet
2  GB
4.5 GB
      Extra Minute Units
400 Units / 10 EGP
1000 Units / 20 EGP
Favorite Number Service
1000 Minutes / 10 EGP
2200 Minutes / 20 EGP
Carry-over unused Internet
Mobile Internet Throttling
*Prices are Tax-inclusive
Hekaya Postpaid Benefits & Services :
  • Separate Minutes & Internet bundle
  • Special quota for your Favorite Number
  • Full control over your bill limit using the credit limit service
  • Carry-over unused internet for one month
  • 1 minutes to Etisalat = 1 unit, and 1 minute to other networks = 5 units
  • The local minute rate after consuming the bundle is 19 pts, and the local message rate is 30 pts.
  • Favorite number service is renewed automatically monthly, and you can add only one number of your choice. You can change this number once a month for 5 EGP.
  • Tariff prices are tax inclusive (schedule tax 8%, value-added tax 14%, and state development fee), the add-ons and services are subject to taxation.
  • The additional units add-on is activated upon request, does not renew monthly, and valid till bundle renewal date
  • Unused internet will be carried over to the next month only
  • The reduced internet speed after consuming your bundle is 64 Kbps. The maximum limit is 200 MB for the Hekaya 75, and 450 MB for the Hekaya 125 (Applying the Fair usage policy)
  • You can control your bill by setting the credit limit amount after consuming your bundle through My Etisalat App or by calling our customer service 333
  • You can inquire and pay your bill through the My Etisalat App or from any of our stores and our payment-partner’s outlets
Download My Etisalat App and have full control over your bundle.
Track your consumption, subscribe to additional internet add-ons, use the preferred number service, pay bills safely and set the maximum bill amount
To control and to inquire through messages, send the following to 1101
To inquire about your bundle                          I
To inquire about your maximum balance                          c
Subscribe to Favorite Number Service   Send your favorite number
Additional Units Add-on to Hekaya 75                          1
Additional Units Add-on to Hekaya 125                          2
To cancel the favorite number service                          0
To change your favorite number (SMS 1911)         Send your new favorite number    

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