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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Etisalat cash

Transfer money from your mobile to any other mobile number. cash in/out from the nearest Etisalat store
}Through Etisalat Cash wallet Pay your bill and recharge for free.
Etisalat Cash virtual card number (VCN) Plug-in: Secure online shopping without worrying about your credit card information being stolen.
Help, Terms and Conditions

Call 778

Service Details

Accessible 24/7 directly from your mobile
Make transfers quickly and securely - no need to carry cash
Enter only your PIN number when you want to carry out a transaction
Use any mobile to access the service
Make your online purchases using VCN for purchases offered by MasterCard – the card is only for one-time use and is only valid for 24 hours from the issuance date
Request a VCN and you will receive an SMS containing card numbers and card info
Cash-in money into your mobile wallet to be able to make the online payments
For Etisalat cash support, please call 778
Call 778

Service Fees

  • 1% of withdraw amount (minimum 3 EGP) if withdrawn from etisalat stores, 0% from ATM machines
  • Free transfers
  • Free online shopping card issuance
  • You may deposit or withdraw from ATMs of the following banks (in cooperation with Meeza):
    • National Bank of Egypt
    • Banque Misr
    • CIB
    • Banque Du Caire
    • Alex Bank
    • Housing & Development Bank
    • United Bank
    • Bank Audi

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