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My Etisalat (Account)

"Get your money back" promo

New “Get your money back” promo from Demagh Tanya gives you from 50% to 100% Cash back gift when you subscribe or renew your bundle, you can choose from 3 gift options.
  1. You have 3 gift choices:
    1. Gift 1: 100% cash back that you can use to upgrade your bundle valid for 2 weeks.
    2. Gift 2: 50% cash back that you can use to renew or upgrade your bundle, or buy extra add-ons valid for 3 weeks.
    3. Gift 3: Gift voucher from our lifestyle partners
  1. Choosing the gift and usage inquiry can be done through:
  • My Etisalat application
  • USSD shortcode *200*10#
  1. The promo duration is 6 weeks and all Demagh Tanya customers are eligible to it (New & Existing)
  2. Promo subscription is done through choosing one of the gifts
  3. Promo can be enjoyed for 2 times with a condition of renewing the bundle in the 2nd time
  4. For existing customers only: In case no gift was chosen within 2 days from renewal date, Gift 1 (100% Cash back) gets added by default
  5. For existing customers: Double quota promo gets dropped once a gift is chosen.
Temp customers will not be able to enjoy the gift; bundle has to be renewed to be able to enjoy the promo.