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My Etisalat (Account)

Corporate Social Responsibility at Etisalat Misr

Etisalat is a global company that takes to heart the cultures, traditions and ways of life in all the markets in which we operate. Our connection with our customers across the world runs deeper than mere business associations. We are committed to helping shape and build communities, and improving livelihoods and aspirations for the future. We believe that our success can only follow the success of the people and economies we actively support. While our services and technologies keep customers connected, we also have initiatives that keep people well and healthy and open doors for learning and exploring new opportunities. We help people develop their businesses, enhance relationships, come up with fresh ideas, and keep abreast of rapid changes. 

Etisalat Misr is committed to make a concrete difference in communities and bring value to its environment. It also simultaneously, integrates the company’s core competencies, culture, strategy and corporate values to achieve sustainability of actions on the ground. Etisalat Misr has been working on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors to serve its employees and the Egyptian community at large as well as support in the country’s constant and sustainable development. Information and Communication Technologies are key while dealing with sustainability challenges. For us, focusing on health and technology in our CSR programs through targeting sustainable growth activities/initiatives means building a secure, digital and healthy world, with the largest access to health services; while fostering our innovation to ensure that our products and services support the improvement of lives.
Through empowering technology, encouraging innovation, creating value for all our stakeholders and providing opportunities for distinction in our competitive environment, Etisalat Misr has positioned its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of the company to become the telecommunications’ sector benchmark for community responsibility in Egypt. It is an on-going commitment for us. Since 2007, programs established on “Caused-Based CSR” like “Origin – Water for Life”, Supporting Autism, Supporting the Deaf and Mute through the creation of “Ro’ya” (the special tariff for the users of sign language) utilizing Etisalat technological edge, Supporting of the Egyptian Paralympic Committee (which had many achievements at the London Olympics 2012) and Virus C campaigns, have had a great impact on the ground and the community - leading the fields of environment, special needs, health and sustainable development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Technology

    Effective utilization of company resources to positively impact community development.
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  • Health

    Sustainable and constant social contribution through strategic partnerships to increase Etisalat community advancement.
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  • Responsible Employee

    Strong motivation and engagement of employees to connect with the community.
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