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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)


Effective utilization of company resources to positively impact community development.

Project#1 Ro’ya: Deaf & Mute Tariff – Revamped October 2018

We successfully revamped and re-launched our Deaf & Mute tariff plan in October 2018. As main contributors to our society and building on our main area of expertise, we believe that empowering the differently abled segment has its positive impact on their ability to communicate, work, and be self-sustained.


Project#2 Etisalat Misr Technical Supporter of the 1st Arab Forum for Gifted People Dec. 2018

“The Story” was the first interactive Arab forum for gifted people; where successes of the differently abled people in the Arab world and their abilities to overcome obstacles were shared. We were the technology provider for “The Story” and set a proper platform for the event to be live streamed.


Project #3 ET Misr Technical Supporter of the “100 Million Se7a” SMS campaign with Ministry of Health November 2018 – June 2019

We are supporting the “100 Million Seha” Presidential mobilization campaign, launched by the Ministry of Health and Population in November 2018, by submitting SMSs to deliver the dates of the inspections at the respective governorates and inform the population of their hotline for more information on the campaign.


Project #4 Dakahleya Governorate Directorate of Health – “100M Se7a National Campaign” – 200 USBs and Connectivity March – May 2019

Supporting the field of Health in Dakahleya governorate, we granted 200 USBs with connectivity access to the Presidential “100 Million Seha Campaign”. We served the campaign with connectivity and accessibility to information.


Project #5 Information Technology Institute – Supporting People with Disabilities Training Platform March – December 2019

We are supporting the Information Technology Institute (ITI) for an easier access to education/training process for people with disabilities (PwDs) by adding sign language and subtitles to ITI online 2019 tracks, sponsoring monthly awards for PwDs in 2019, and supporting them with IT training, employability skills and employment opportunities.


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