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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Connect X bundles

Enjoy the biggest monthly internet bundles. Now you can browse social or streaming websites and application for 1 Mega X and other websites for 2 Mega X.

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Carryover policy is applied when you renew the end of the fourth week. To cancel or subscribe to the service dial *566#
The customer can subscribe to the carryover policy or cancel it and get back to 30 days validity through *566# or My Etisalat App
Bundles equal or less than 75 EGP can use social or streaming for 1 MegaX and 2 Mega X for the other websites
Bundles equal or greater than 125 EGP can use social and streaming for 1 Mega X from your bundle and other websites for 2 Mega X from your bundle
Social protocols are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, messenger and WhatsApp.
Streaming protocols are: SoundCloud, Anghami , YouTube, and Shahid.
You will be charged for 15pt/Megabyte after the bundle in fully consumed.
Extra bundle’s valid till the end of Connect X bundle validity.
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Connect X bundles
Bundle price Quota Subscription Out of bundle usage
5 EGP 350 Mega X Send 5 to 090 15pt/Megabyte
10 EGP 1000 Mega X Send 10 to 090
20 EGP 2250 Mega X Send 20 to 090
35 EGP 4500 Mega X Send 35 to 090
50 EGP 7000 Mega X Send 50 to 090
75 EGP 11000 Mega X Send 75 to 090
125 EGP 21000 Mega X Send 125 to 090
250 EGP 48000 Mega X Send 250 to 090
400 EGP 90000 Mega X Send 400 to 090
Bundle price Quota Subscription
5 EGP 350 Mega X Send 05 to 090
10 EGP 1000 Mega X Send 010 to 090
20 EGP 2250 Mega X Send 020 to 090
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