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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)


The First Digital Business Plan in Egypt Managing your Business plan has just got easier! Now you can subscribe, control & monitor your plan with just one click.
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B-Digital Experience!
B-Digital is the first business plan for small businesses offering you a full digital experience starting from creating your business account, choosing the suitable bundle, choosing your dials, and receiving your SIM cards at your doorstep or from the nearest store. All this can be done through Etisalat Business App

B-Digital provides you a wide range of Local Minutes, Mobile Internet along with free company minutes and SMSs that you can share & distribute among your employees.

Choose the suitable bundle for your business and add employees’ dials for free under your plan with a fixed monthly commitment:
Service B-Digital 250 B-Digital 500 B-Digital 1000 B-Digital 2000
Monthly Fees 250 EGP 500 EGP 1000 EGP 2000 EGP
Max no of lines 5 10 20 40
Local Minutes 1600 3400 7200 15200
Mobile Internet 10GB 21GB 44GB 92GB
Intra Company Minutes pool 5,000 10000 20000 40000
Local SMS 250 500 1000 2000
Local minutes can be used for Etisalat numbers and other operators.
How to Subscribe
  1. Download Etisalat Business App.
  2. Log in as guest.
  3. Click on Join B-Digital
  4. Choose the desirable B-Digital Bundle.
  5. Sign up and create your business account.
  6. Choose your Dials.
  7. upload your company’s documents.
  8. Track your request until activation the plan.
  9. Take Control & Manage your Bundle.
Extend your monthly Bundle with two types of add-ons, for your account and for your employees:
Account Add-ons
Price Local Minutes MI
50 EGP 200 1350 MB
Subscription from Etisalat Business application /B-Digital page or through dialing #346*
Employee Add-on
Price Local Minutes MI
15 EGP 40 350 MB
25 EGP 60 650 MB
SPOC can purchase employee add-on to employees through Etisalat Business application /B-Digital page or through dialing #346*
Employees can subscribe to employee add-on from personal balance through dialing *366#
  • Prices are tax exclusive
  • Local minutes for Etisalat numbers and other operators.
  • Price for extra local minutes is 19 pts. & 30pts for SMS.
  • Monthly commitment fees are fixed regardless of the activated lines.
  • Managing the distribution and transfer can only be done by the SPOC through Etisalat Business application/B-Digital section.
  • SPOC can transfer minutes /megabytes from the main bundle to any dial.
  • SPOC can transfer minutes /megabytes between the dials within the bundle.
  • SPOC can re-distribute the monthly quota once per month & will be reflected on the next bill.
  • Account add-on fees will be deducted from the monthly bill.

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