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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

About us

Etisalat Misr is a subsidiary of Etisalat Group, which started its operations in 1976 and quickly expanded to operate in 16 countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Etisalat Misr started its operations in the Egyptian market in May 2007 with a series of successes, being the first operator to present 3.5 G high quality services. The company were also the first to introduce 4G services to its customers, without needing to replace their SIM cards to activate it. This is in addition to the continuous improvement to its network.
Etisalat Misr offers premium international services, enabling its customers to enjoy competitive international calling rates to all countries across the globe. Etisalat also provides high-speed Internet services, ADSL for homes, while launching fixed landline services to become the first fully digital operator.
The company improved its users’ experience, becoming the main provider for the best customer experience in the Egyptian telecom market, according to many reports including the TRIM report that routinely measures the quality of services offered, the customer base and market share. The report concluded that the company’s market share has increased, proving it is the “Best Network in Egypt” given the services it provides.
Etisalat Misr believes that its employees are the main reason behind the successes it has achieved. This belief is showed by the sense of pride that Etisalat has towards its family members whom are constantly developed and supported.
Etisalat is committed to supporting, building and developing the communities it operates in, while working on improving their livelihoods. Etisalat believes that its success is driven by the success of the countries’ economies in which it operates, while strongly contributing to its development. Etisalat not only provides services and technologies that keep our customers connected, but also contributes to initiatives, which help maintain citizens’ health and encourage them to learn and explore what's new. Etisalat supports business development, innovation increase and keeping pace with ongoing changes.
Etisalat also pays special attention to sustainable development by participating in a large number of community initiatives, especially in the health sector. These projects include working to develop and improve the services system provided to citizens, including the application of information and communications technology in hospital systems, training of workers, doctors, and nursing teams and the renewal of facilities. This is in addition to providing them with the latest medical devices and equipment and supporting emerging projects in the health field.
Etisalat is one of the largest investors operating in Egypt, pumping over EGP50 billion over 12 years into developing its network and infrastructure. It also raised its capital by EGP4.5 billion from the company's main shareholders, reaching a total capital of EGP19.5 Billion EGP. These numbers and polices all enabled Etisalat to become the best and most powerful company in the Egyptian telecom market.

Executive Team

  • Gamal El Sadat: Chairman

    Gamal El Sadat is the chairman of Etisalat Misr since its launch in 2007. He was behind obtaining Etisalat Misr’s operating license; as the third mobile operator in Egypt. El Sadat led the company to achieving a series of accomplishments through exceeding expectations. He also had a major role in the acquisition of two of the prominent Internet service providers in Egypt; EgyNet and Nile Online. El Sadat plays a significant role in contributing to the growth of the Egyptian economy and strengthening the Egyptian UAE business and investment relations. He is currently Chairman of the Egyptian Emirati Business Council, which was established by a decree from the minister of Industry and Trade in February 2019. Throughout his work experience; a journey that spans over more than 4 decades, El Sadat has been able to establish and manage many outstanding businesses; both locally and globally. Prior to bringing Etisalat to the Egyptian market, El Sadat started his career as an engineering consultant in 1979, and soon became a board member of Osman Group. In 1986, El Sadat joined the Bankers Training Program in Chase Bank in the United States of America, and was granted an Investment Banking License. He then moved to Furman Selz as an investment banker, where he established the Middle East’s Department. In 1992, El Sadat returned to his former position as a board member at Osman Group, as Managing Director of Techno Mechanic. Finally, in 2004, he founded the Mashreq Investment Group. Gamal El Sadat graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1979.

  • Hazem Metwally: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Hazem Metwally is Etisalat Misr’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2015. He joined Etisalat in 2007 as the company’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Metwally led the company through a series of achievements, which helped reshape the telecommunication market in Egypt. He had a significant role in the company’s growth, starting by attracting 1 million subscribers during the first 50 days of its launch. Throughout his career in the telecommunications industry, Metwally’s strategy revolves around understanding the consumers’ needs, and how to meet them effectively and successfully. Prior to joining Etisalat, he was the Head of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone Egypt where he played an undeniable role in innovating several commercial initiatives.Previous to that,he was the Head of Distribution at Mobinil. Metwally held some leading roles in several companies since his graduation. Metwally graduated from Cairo University in 1991, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

  • Ehab Rochdy: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Ehab Rochdy is Etisalat Misr’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since he joined the company in 2008. Ever since his appointment, Rochdy established strategic objectives to increase the efficiency of the finance department through managing the Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Strategic Financial Planning, Corporate Treasury, Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Costing using advanced techniques and also formulated new associated accounting policies and internal control systems to enhance the department’s performance. Throughout his career, Rochdy has gained an extensive experience by working with local and global financial institutions. He has more than 33 years of experience in the field of Finance, and over 23 years of which in the telecommunication field. His experience was represented in many occasions as he overlooked Etisalat Misr’s successful closure of several local and international syndications as well as management of large financial projects and acquisitions. Prior to joining Etisalat Misr, Rochdy was the Vice President and CFO of PMCL (OT Pakistan). Before that he was the Financial Controller at Vodafone Egypt and also worked at Ernst and Young previously. Rochdy is a member of the Egyptian Society of Accountants & Auditors. Rochdy graduated from Cairo university in 1986, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

  • Khalid Murshed: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Khalid Murshed is Etisalat Misr’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since 2013. Due to his extensive expertise in the telecommunications industry, Murshed has assumed the responsibility of Etisalat’s Technical and IT Department, where he contributes to the development of the company and the achievement of its objectives successfully, including the recent launch of the 4G network (LTE). Murshed has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Before joining Etisalat, Murshed held the position of Mobile Access Network Vice President at Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC (“du”) in 2008. Prior to that, Murshed was appointed Network Development Director (E2E) in KSA Central Region at Saudi Mobily Company. He has also achieved remarkable successes with the launch of the Smartphone Operating System during Hajj season in 2005. He initially joined the company in 2004 as the Network Launch Team Planning Manager in KSA Western Region. He started his career with Etisalat UAE Group in 1998 as part of the Smartphones Systems Planning Team. Khalid Murshed graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 1998.

  • Khaled Hegazy: Chief Corporate Affairs Officer (CCAO)

    Khaled Hegazy is the Chief Corporate Affairs officer of Etisalat Misr since 2016. Hegazy brings extensive experience to his post at Etisalat. His responsibilities include leading the departments of Corporate Strategy and Operational Excellence, Legal Affairs, Governmental Affairs, External Relations and International Operations and Carriers, as well as Corporate Communications which includes Internal Communications, Public and Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as the renowned Etisalat Foundation. Hegazy has a very active role in Egyptian Business Community. He is the Executive Director of the Egyptian Emirati Business Council. Additionally, he is a Board Member in the Canadian-Egyptian Business Council and the Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation. He is also a member in numerous associations as the American Chamber of Commerce, Egyptian Junior Business Association and the Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Association. Hegazy is also involved in many forums including the International Economic Forum in Egypt. Prior to joining Etisalat Misr, Hegazy held the position of External Affairs and Legal Director at Vodafone Egypt. Before that, he was Head of External Relations for Procter and Gamble (P&G); for the Near East. He started his career as Vice President of PITO; a prominent private commercial representation company. Hegazy holds an MBA in Marketing and International Business in 1998, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993, both from the American University in Cairo (AUC).

  • Ahmed Yahia: Chief Consumer Officer (CCO)

    Ahmed Yahia is Etisalat Mirs’s Chief Consumer Officer (CCO) since 2018. He joined the company in 2016 as the Vice President of Marketing. Yahia has more than 21 years of expertise in the telecommunications sector and over 15 years of which in the field of Marketing and Sales. Prior to joining Etisalat Misr, he worked at Vodafone for more than 15 years, where he held many positions in the Marketing and Sales including being the Chief Sales officer of the company. Yahia was also able to hold several leading positions in the United Kingdom during his time there. In 2009, Yahia acquired his MBA in Strategic Studies and International Business Management from the German University in Cairo (GUC). He is also a holder of different certificates, including the Advanced Management Program (AMP) from IESE Business School. Ahmed Yahia graduated from Ain Shams University in 1997, with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

  • Khaled Zayan: Chief Business Officer (CBO)

    Khaled Zayan is the Chief Business Officer of Etisalat Misr; where he is in charge of planning, implementing, and developing all needed solutions and applications pertinent to the business development of the Corporate and Government sectors. Before that, Zayan had been holding several positions in Etisalat Misr, as he was the Director of Strategic Planning until 2017 and Head of Consumer Marketing before that. With over 25 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, and Information Technology, Zayan was able to accomplish many achievements in the field. Prior to joining Etisalat Misr, Zayan held various positions in Egypt and abroad, where he was the Director of Marketing at Zain in Saudi Arabia. He started his career as a communications engineer at the Ministry of Information in Kuwait. Khaled Zayan graduated from Cairo university in 1991, with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

  • Dalia El Gezery: Chief HR and Administration Officer (CHR&AO)

    Ms. Dalia El Gezery is Etisalat Misr’s Chief HR and Administration Officer (CHR&AO) since 2019. Her main role is to transform traditional HR practices into powerful competitive advantages, creating a new way of working, to achieve the overall business plan and the strategic directions of the organization. In addition to that, Ms. El Gezery is overseeing the company’s administration arm that includes procurement, supply chain, contract management as well as property and facilities. Ms. El Gezery is one of the most experienced and renowned HR professionals in Egypt and the Middle East. Since 2000, she assumed several senior positions in HR management as well as non-executive board member roles with a strong track record of leading and delivering transformational people strategies and providing innovative human capital solutions in areas of executive coaching, leadership development, talent management strategies and merging property & facilities strategies into the employee value propositions. Prior to Etisalat Misr, she worked as the Group Chief Human Resources Officer for Orascom Development Holding leading all strategic HR activities worldwide. Previous to that she was the leading figure in creating the HR agenda and organization transformation in Vodafone Egypt by delivering a state of art HR and talent strategy through different employee’s touch points and delivering a unique employee value proposition. Ms. El Gezery acquired a number of diplomas in specialized studies, most notably Management Diploma from the American University in Cairo. She is currently finalizing her Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching and Behavioral change from Henley Business School in UK. Ms. El Gezery completed her undergraduate studies with Honors BA in Comparative Literature.