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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

About us

Etisalat Misr is a subsidiary of Etisalat Group, which started its operations in 1976 and quickly expanded to operate in 16 countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Etisalat Misr started its operations in the Egyptian market in May 2007 with a series of successes, being the first operator to present 3.5 G high quality services. The company were also the first to introduce 4G services to its customers, without needing to replace their SIM cards to activate it. This is in addition to the continuous improvement to its network.
Etisalat Misr offers premium international services, enabling its customers to enjoy competitive international calling rates to all countries across the globe. Etisalat also provides high-speed Internet services, ADSL for homes, while launching fixed landline services to become the first fully digital operator.
The company improved its users’ experience, becoming the main provider for the best customer experience in the Egyptian telecom market, according to many reports including the TRIM report that routinely measures the quality of services offered, the customer base and market share. The report concluded that the company’s market share has increased, proving it is the “Best Network in Egypt” given the services it provides.
Etisalat Misr believes that its employees are the main reason behind the successes it has achieved. This belief is showed by the sense of pride that Etisalat has towards its family members whom are constantly developed and supported.
Etisalat is committed to supporting, building and developing the communities it operates in, while working on improving their livelihoods. Etisalat believes that its success is driven by the success of the countries’ economies in which it operates, while strongly contributing to its development. Etisalat not only provides services and technologies that keep our customers connected, but also contributes to initiatives, which help maintain citizens’ health and encourage them to learn and explore what's new. Etisalat supports business development, innovation increase and keeping pace with ongoing changes.
Etisalat also pays special attention to sustainable development by participating in a large number of community initiatives, especially in the health sector. These projects include working to develop and improve the services system provided to citizens, including the application of information and communications technology in hospital systems, training of workers, doctors, and nursing teams and the renewal of facilities. This is in addition to providing them with the latest medical devices and equipment and supporting emerging projects in the health field.
Etisalat is one of the largest investors operating in Egypt, pumping over EGP50 billion over 12 years into developing its network and infrastructure. It also raised its capital by EGP4.5 billion from the company's main shareholders, reaching a total capital of EGP19.5 Billion EGP. These numbers and polices all enabled Etisalat to become the best and most powerful company in the Egyptian telecom market.