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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Dial, recharge , win

Dial *011# and Recharge Akwa Kart And choose your gift

Dial *011#

Your card is now 5 offer is now available among *011# gifts.
Dial *011# and Recharge Akwa Kart and enjoy the “5 Cards Offer”
How to enjoy this offer?
Dial *011# to know your available gifts
Recharge: with the required amount
Enjoy: Your Card is now 5 that will include:
What will you get afterwards?
  • Your Normal Balance Card
  • Default Voice and Internet Hours Card: Free card to enjoy voice hours to call all networks and mobile internet hours for all protocols.
  • Optional Charged Cards to choose from:
    - Internet Charged Card:
    Hours for Internet
    -Voice Charged Card: Voice hours to enjoys calls to all networks
  •  In the case of digital recharge and redemption, you will be granted your default cards in addition to 4 cards instead of 3.
Illustrative Example:
When you recharge by 10EGP and choose 5 Cards recharge offer from *011# you will grant the following:
  • 40 minutes voice and internet by default with Internet capping 20 minutes (50% from granted quota)
  • Normal Balance Recharged
You could select 3 cards from same type or mix between (Voice for all networks/Internet Card):
  • Voice for all networks: You will be granted 66 minutes for all network with price of 66 pts (1pts/Minute)
  • Internet Card: You will be granted 16 minutes for all internet protocols with price of 64 pts (4pts/Minute)
Number of granted minutes for default free card or additional charged cards based on recharge value before granting the offer
Terms and conditions:
  • The required recharge is tax inclusive.
  • Gifts validity and quota depends on the recharge amount before pulling the offer from *011#
  • 50% for internet capping is applied on free quota from the default gift
  • You should dial *011# within the same day of recharging or maximum 2 days after to be able to choose and enjoy the gift.
  • Offer is available starting EGP 5 recharge amount or more
  • Offer Valid to Ahlan, Hekaya, Demagh Tanya and Corporate rate plans
  • Minute for other networks are 10 from your granted quota
To inquire for gifts validity and for more details/ inquiries dial *9999# or through My Etisalat App

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