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3al nota tariff

For Your Service

Sallefny 3la nota
5 to 70 EGP

Monthly fees including Recharge tax

Now, From With Salefny 3alnota, “Lend Me Credit On Tab”, You Can Borrow Credit Beginning At EGP 5 To EGP 70 To Use It In Salefny 3al Nota, Gadedly 3al Nota, Mokalma 3al Nota,Internet 3al Nota & Renelly 3al Nota

you Get :

Local Call (Mobile/Landline)

Normal Minute Rate +9 Pts

International Call

Normal Minute Rate + 50 Pts

SMS Local/International

Normal SMS Rate + 9 Pts

Daily Mobile Internet Bundle

EGP 1.75 + 55 Pts
50 Pts + 15 Pts For Extra MB

Mokalma 3al Nota
60 Pts

Monthly fees including Recharge tax

Make A Call For Up To 3 Minutes Without Being Disconnected With The Mokalma 3alnota, “One Call On My Tab” Service Which Gives You One Local Call To A Mobile Or Landline For Just 60 Pts

you Get :

Your Call Costs 60 Pts And Will Be Deducted From Your Upcoming Recharge Payment

You Will Be Able To Make Only One Call Automatically If You Are Out Of Credit

All Ahlan And Hybrid Customers Can Use This Service When Out Of Credit

Gadedly 3al Nota
30 Pts

Monthly fees including Recharge tax

Now You Can Renew Your Bundle Even If You Don't Have Enough Credit. Service Fees Is 30 Pts. For Every Pound You Borrow For The Bundle Renewal

Megabytes 3al Nota
2.5 EGP

Monthly fees including Recharge tax

Through This Service You Will Enjoy 50 Megabytes 3la Nota With Only 2,5 EGP. Valid Till 12:00 AM