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1 ⚊ Scalable: E-Cloud Can Be Customized And Designed, Depending On Your Business Current And Future Needs

2 ⚊ Pay As You Go: Pay For Your Virtual Data Center On A Monthly Basis With A Variety Of Payment Plan Options

3 ⚊ Easy Management: Manage Your Own Virtual Data Center From Your Technical Portal Powered By VMware

4 ⚊ On-Demand: Subscribe Today And Start Building Your Environment A Few Days



The Service

1 ⚊ E-Cloud Gives You The Ability To Operate And Access Your Cloud Environment, Using VMware Technology, Securely From Anywhere And Pay For The Service Subscription On A Monthly Basis

2 ⚊ Virtual Data Center (VDC) Is The Evolution Of The Virtual Machine (VM) That Consists Of Virtualized Pool Of Cloud Infrastructure Resources, Hosted In Etisalat Data Centers, Including Processor, Memory And Storage, That Are Designed For Enterprise Business Needs

3 ⚊ Businesses Can Securely And Easily Build Their E-Cloud Environment, That Allows Them To Reduce Their Hardware Investments, By Offering A Cost-Effective Approach As Well As Be Able To On-Demand Host Their Applications, Website Or Even For Test And Development Purposes

4 ⚊ With Etisalat “E-CLOUD” Enterprises Of All Sizes Can Design And Customize Their Own Virtual Data Center Hosted In Etisalat Data Centers

5 ⚊ E-Cloud Also Offers Disaster Recovery Plans To Ensure Business Continuity

6 ⚊ For More Inquiries On E-Cloud Please Call *333# Or Send Your Request And We Will Reach Out To You

Now You Can Customize Your Own Virtual Data Center
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24hr local support
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Tier 3 DC design
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