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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Mobile Internet

Get all the benefits of the highest-speed mobile Internet in Egypt and the best bundles to suit your Internet usage and needs

Connect X bundles

Enjoy the biggest monthly internet bundles. Now Connect X provides the biggest bundle than ever and you can adjust your bundle based on your own preference.

Monthly Bundle

Now, you can subscribe from here in connect bundles for all usage types starting from EGP 7.5 month

EGP 7.5 per month
Price Plan
Bundle Name Monthly Fees Monthly Quota Subscribe
Connect 7.5 7.5 EGP 250 MBs


Connect 15 15 EGP 750 MBs


30 EGP 1800 MBs *566*30#
45 EGP 2800 MBs *566*45#
Connect 60 60 EGP 4250 MBs *566*60#
Connect 100 100 EGP 9000 MBs *566*100#
Connect 150 150 EGP 12000 MBs *566*150#


Bundle name Bundle fees Quota
Connect add-on 7.5 7.5 EGP 250 MBs
Connect add-on 15 15 EGP 750 MBs
Connect add-on 30 30 EGP 1800 MBs



Terms and conditions

  • To unsubscribe from connect monthly  bundles send C to 566 or dial *566# and follow the instructions
  • Connect 7.5, 15 & super social are not eligible for extra 10LE UL add on
  • To unsubscribe from extra add-ons send 7 to 566
  • Carryover policy is applied when you renew the end of the fourth week. To cancel or subscribe to the service dial *566#
  • After consuming the MBs of the main bundle, customers will be charged 15pts/MB.

Super Connect

With the new Super connect monthly bundles, you can benefit from the free super megabytes service & enjoy extra megabytes on social & streaming websites and applications.

Video and Music Bundle

Save your bundle and watch videos on YouTube with the new video bundles and listen to songs with the new music bundles. New tariffs for the music and video, the charging will be by minutes.

Price Plan
Hours Video Validity
  Price Subscription  
1 Hour EGP 2 Send 004 to 220 One Week
3 Hours EGP 5 Send 005 to 220 Month
10 Hours EGP 10 Send 006 to 220 Month


Hours Music Validity
  Price Subscription  
1 Hour EGP 1 Send 001 to 220 One Week
5 Hours EGP 3 Send 005 to 220 Month
10 Hours EGP 5 Send 003 to 220 Month


  • All Etisalat users are eligible for music and video bundles
  • Mobile internet users and non-mobile internet users can subscribe to music and video bundles
  • Hours can be used any time during the validity of the bundle
  • 1 hour of video is approximately 100 MBs to 180 MBs
  • 1 hour of music is approximately 60 MBs
  • In case the bundle is fully consumed, customer can repurchase the bundle or get charged from their rate plan or bundle
  • Customers will get a notification at 80% consumption and 100% consumption
  • Customers can opt in through USSD *566# or

Daily Bundles

Subscribe in the daily bundles for social, music or video starting from EGP 1

EGP 1 per day
Price Plan
Bundle Name Monthly Fees Monthly Quota Subscribe Out of Bundle Charges Add-ons
Daily Bundle 1LE EGP 1/day  50 Mbs

Send *566# or visit "" through my etisalat app

Charging is 15PT per MB till 12:00 AM after full consumption Customer can opt out and re- opt In
  • To unsubscribe from the Daily social send s to 566
  • After full consumption of the quota, the customer will be charged at 15PT per MB
  • Mbs can be used on All Protocols
  • The bundle becomes the default after first opt-in.
  • Bundle Cannot be combined with any Mobile Internet Monthly Bundle or Mobile Internet Rate Plan