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Internet ADSL

Smart ADSL offers you reliable and high speed internet by which you can enjoy all your internet activities smoothly without any hassle

Unlimited Packages

Enjoy all the benefits of the Unlimited bundles with the highest speed and the lowest price

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Price Plan
Speed Price Router
1 Mbps 95 EGP Free
2 Mbps 110 EGP Free
4 Mbps 160 EGP Free
8 Mbps 250 EGP Free
*For Fair usage policy, click here


Tornado bundles are the new ADSL Etisalat bundles which provide the highest speed that the land line can bear up to 10Mbps with the best prices and convenient fair usage.

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Price Plan
Tornado Speed Quota Price Router
Tornado 50 1 Mbps 10 GB 50 EGP 199 EGP
Tornado 70 10 Mbps 5 GB 70 EGP Free
Tornado 99 15 GB 99 EGP Free
Tornado 149 15 GB 149 EGP Free
** Customers can buy extra GB from the current Add-ons portfolio

New Extra GB Price List
Package Price/GB Total price
1 GB 10 EGP 10 EGP
5 GBs 5 EGP 25 EGP
15 GBs 4 EGP 60 EGP
25 GBs 3 EGP 75 EGP
Purchased GB only can be carried over for 12 months starting from the purchase date

Limited Packages

Enjoy and get the original speed according to the Extra GB price list after reaching the fair usage limit

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Price Plan
Postpaid Packages Basic Value
Speed 256 Kbps 2 Mbit
1 month 45 EGP 75 EGP
3 months 135 EGP 225 EGP
FREE Walk-out connected
6 months 270 EGP 450 EGP
FREE Walk-out connected
Extra GB 10 EGP 10 EGP

Professional Services

  • Home Installlation

    A Professional technician will come to your home and install your Smart ADSL for only 75 EGP

  • AVIRA Internet Security

    stay protected all the time and enjoy virus-free browsing, surfing and downloading all internet content

  • Etisalat eCam

    Only from Etisalat with its new services eCam, you can now monitor your house, your office and your shops through the internet at any time & from any place via SelfCare