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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Hekaya Mix

Now with new Hekaya Mix your bundle name is your recharge value including all taxes.


Five plans offering calls to all networks, mobile Internet, SMS and ringback tones
Renew your plan for half a month by dialing *900#
Control your calls to other networks by dialing *806#
Control your mobile Internet usage by dialing *808#
Renew your plan anytime by dialing *807#
Add extra units to your plan starting from EGP 5 by dialing *626#
Double your MB by dialing *660#
For the Hekaya Mix Code Guide dial *844#

Hekaya Mix
Rate Plans Hekaya Mix 25 Hekaya Mix 35 Hekaya Mix 50 Hekaya Mix 70
Main Bundle Units 500 850 1,400 2,200

Whatsapp Units

200 Mix

Minutes to Etisalat
SMS to all networks, MB

1 Mix

Minutes to other networks, or landline

5 Mix

Call tone

5 Mix

Monthly Fees 

(Recharge Value)

EGP 25


EGP 50

EGP 70

Quick migration *689*25# *689*35# *689*50# *689*70#


Add-on bundles


60 Units

Dial *626#

7.5 EGP

120 Units

Dial *626#

15 EGP

300 Units

Dial *626#

Terms and conditions

  • Bundle monthly fee is the recharge value including recharges tax.
  • With Hekaya Mix Bundles, you can use your units for minutes to all networks, megabytes, SMS, and more services tailored for you.
  • Minute & megabyte rates after finishing the bundle are 19 Pts.
  • If WhatsApp mixes are consumed, each megabyte in WhatsApp will be charged as 1 Mix from the main bundle.
  • You can renew your bundle at any time with the Early Renewal service through *807#
  • Increase your Mixes with add-ons starting 5 LE through *626#
  • Double your megabytes with Super Net service (1 Mix = 2 Megabytes instead of 1 Megabyte) through *660#
  • For Hekaya Mix codes guide, call *844#
  • Now you can make international calls from your Mix units , where international second= 5Mix. To subscribe , call *304# for free. The following countries are not included in the offer ( Algeria, Burundi, Chad, Guinean Republic, Madagascar, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sierra , Leona, Tunisia, Zimbabwe)
  • The Remaining Mixes during one month will be carried over to the next month upon Renewing the Bundle on time.  
  • The customer will be charged first from the main Bundle ,then from the carried over Mixes.

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