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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Essential Services

A set of important services that you need to help you manage your account and connectivity.


Get Khattein, “Two Mobile Lines”, on your one SIM card and use both to make and receive calls and SMS locally or internationally

EGP 5 Subscribe via SMS to 999
  • Choose between normal or premium additional numbers
  • Retain your original balance without separation
  • Make voice calls, video calls and SMS to any number inside or outside Egypt from either of your two lines
  • Receive voice calls, video calls and SMS from any number inside or outside Egypt on either of your two lines
  • Get the blacklist service free of charge for your additional number to block unwanted callers
  • Get scheduler free of charge to enable your additional number to receive calls during the time period of your choice
  • Select charge mode to disable your additional number from receiving calls at any time

Balance Transfer

2% of the transferred amount with a minimum of 30 PT fees

  • You can transfer balance to any Etisalat prepaid subscriber
  • You can transfer balance from 2 LE to 50 LE/ Transaction
  • You can transfer balance from 1 LE to 50 LE/ Transaction
  • A daily capping of 500 LE for Prepaid subscribers
  • A monthly capping of 100 LE for Postpaid subscribers
  • 1.5 LE must remain in your balance after the transfer
  • Prepaid subscribers are eligible after making a usage equivalent to min. 10 LE
  • Postpaid subscribers are eligible after 3 months from the line activation

Call Keeper

+ free 10 daily SMS to numbers

Call Keeper service alerts you with missed calls while your phone was out of reach or switched off

5 pts. /day Dial *789#
  • Don’t miss a call when your mobile is switched off or out of reach
  • Free 10 daily SMS to Etisalat numbers
  • Service is availed for Prepaid, Hekaya & Demagh Tanya subscribers
  • Service is free for postpaid
  • 5 PT/ day with free 10 daily on-net SMS

Video Call

75PT/minute for local calls, 8 LE/ minute for Int'l calls & 7 LE/minute for Mobily KSA & ET UAE

  • Communicate using both voice & video at the same time
  • Both caller and calling party should be within Etisalat 3G service coverage throughout the calling session
  • Some of 3G capable handset support video call by default. customer should refer to handset manual guide or check with Mobile vendor
Local International Mobily KSA & UAE
75 PT / min 8 LE / min 7 LE / min

Voice Mail

No subscription fees Calling IVR to retrieve the messages will be charged 19PT/ minute

  • Out of reach, busy, or don’t want to receive calls right now! Let the caller leave you a voice message
  • The subscriber can divert the calls to the voice mail: to subscribe call *21*444# 
  • Subscribers can retrieve the saved voice messages by calling the IVR 444
  • You need to call the voicemail service at least one time every 25 days to avoid deactivating the service from your account
  • Each Voice Mail Service account will have a maximum of twenty (20) voice messages with 60 seconds time limit per messages
  • Saved message will have a maximum validity of 60 days
  • Validity of un retrieved message will be limited to 14 days

MMS “Multi-Media SMS”

75PT/300Kb for local MMS & 7LE/300Kb for Int’l MMS

Local International
75 PT / 300 KB 75 PT / 300 KB

Collect Call

For the call initiator: 3 free trials every 24 hours, 1 PT for any extra trial For the Recipient: 19PT/ min

  • Dial # followed by the Etisalat mobile number “#011XXXXXXXX”
  • The service is between Etisalat customers only
  • When you receive a call through Collect Call, the dialing number will appear on the screen. Upon answering, the receiver will listen to a voice message asking him “to accept paying for the call by pressing (1) or to decline by hanging up
  • All Etisalat customers are eligible for the service

Call Filter (Nas W Nas)

Have 'peace of mind' by controling and managing your incoming calls. Remain reachable to those whom you want to connect with, also make yourself unavailable from undesired calls.
Help, Terms and Conditions

SMS to 767
Price Plan
Service Price
Service monthly cost 5 EGP
Renewable every week 1.25 EGP

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