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My Etisalat (Account)

VPN Services

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows a set of sites to communicate with each other over a shared public network infrastructure. Etisalat ISP offers its customer’s connectivity over a robust IP-MPLS based the network infrastructure

Designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s businesses, these reliable, secure connections bring together your employees, customers, and business partners together so you can work anytime, anywhere  


  • MPLS Layer-2

    MPLS-L2 VPN is a layer II VPN that deploys MPLS technology to connect a business to its branches, offering the reliable quality of MPLS along with the security of layer 2 communications, making it a suitable service for banks and security-sensitive applications.

  • MPLS Layer-3 (IP-VPN)

    IP-VPN service is a packet-based IP routing service that provides cost-effective data transaction facilities to customers in different locations.

  • FR-VPN

    FR-VPN is a layer II VPN that deploys Frame Relay (FR) over Automated Teller Machine (ATM) technology to connect a business to its branches. The FR provides secure communication making it a suitable service for banks and security-sensitive applications.


The third generation (3G) data transmission capabilities over cellular network allow Internet access, real-time video streaming and connection to a wireless high-speed network to maximize your productivity.

A wireless network allows you to:

• Extend your communications within and outside the organization • Leverage the power of both the internet and wireless 3G to compete on a global scale • Maximize permanently the communications with your customers, partners and suppliers

  • Manageability

    The 3G backup connectivity is entirely managed and operated by the Etisalat ISP networking team

  • Support

    VPN customers are offered free support around the clock at a level detailed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Security

    Guaranteed through 3G connectivity over Etisalat GSM and Etisalat ISP networks

  • 3G Any-to-any connectivity

    Communication among sites throughout the Etisalat ISP network

  • Scalability

    Etisalat ISP 3G service easily adapts to growth in complexity, volume and geographic expansion of your business network

  • Flexibility

    3G service is provided when no immediate wired connectivity is available then converts into a backup solution automatically when wired connectivity is restored

  • Quality of Service

    Support a guaranteed Class of Service

  • Availability & Reliability

    The Etisalat ISP MPLS network 3G primary and secondary services guarantee wide-access connectivity

Global Connectivity Services

Global communication services securely and efficiently connecting businesses to customers, business partners and employees on a national and international level – with international networks carriers enabling seamless global data service.