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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)


At Etisalat, we attract the best talent in the market; provide them with competitive remuneration and benefits, and the best facilities. We give them every chance of achieving their maximum potential by investing in relevant and focused training programs, which help our employees surpass their goals and ours


Job Vacancies

We are an organisation, sharing a can-do attitude, where we have to think and show commitment. If you choose to apply you would be taking the first step to join, quiet simply, the best in the business

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Etisalat Community

Have a look over employees' lifestyle and their work environment. In Etisalat, employees are engaged with their career. They are willing to go into some detail about what they do and why they enjoy working for Etisalat


HR Awards

A wide range of HR international awards are granted in recognition of Etisalat success in building a human base with potentials at the highest level of efficiency


Graduate Program

A person's spark is what they are really passionate about , an activity that unleashes their energy and joy, one that may allow them to really express their personality and perhaps make their unique contribution to the world.
Etisalat has developed Spark, a program that allows youth to explore the concept of sparks in themselves and contribute in building Etisalat future