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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Data Line

Experience more Internet benefits, offers and services with the Mongez, or “Achiever” plans

Mongez Control


Stay connected and enjoy high-speed Internet and allow the automated control feature to keep track of your usage for you
Help, Terms and Conditions

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Price Plan
Bundle Quota
(All Day)
Speed Usage outside bundle Free Premium WiFi Quota**
Mongez Control EGP 50  3.5 GB
Up to 42 Mbps
Blocked Usage, and you can buy Extra GBs
• Extra 10 EGP (500 MB)
• Extra 20 EGP (1 GB)
1.5 GB
Mongez Control EGP 100 10,000 MBs
Up to 42 Mbps 4 GB
Mongez Control EGP 150  16,000 MBs
Up to 42 Mbps 7 GB
Mongez Control EGP 250  28,000 MBs
Up to 42 Mbps
Speed throttles to 64Kbps, and you can buy Extra 1 GB for 20 EGP
7 GB
*Main Quota to be used all day, 
**To buy extra 10 EGP (500 MB - All Day) Send 1 in SMS to 593
***To buy extra 20 EGP (1 GB - All Day) Send 1 in SMS to 593

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