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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Etisalat Ahlan

Ahlan, or “Hello”, rate plan gives you a variety of prepaid bundles to suit your needs.

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Get what you need, when you need: mobile Internet and minutes to Etisalat or any other network

Call *101#

Extra Plus Service

Pick a time and talk freely to any Etisalat number

85 Pts Visit us
Price Plan
Time windows Minutes to All Etisalat Numbers
From 12am till 3pm  150 minutes with daily fees 85 Pts
From 3pm till 6pm  70 minutes with daily fees 85 Pts
From 6pm till 9pm 70 minutes with daily fees 85 Pts
From 9pm till 12am  70 minutes with daily fees 85 Pts
All time windows 360 minutes with daily fees 340 Pts
  • You can choose more than one time window (75 Pts) or you can subscribe to all time windows (1.5 EGP)
  • The daily fees are deducted upon making the first call to any Etisalat number within the time window


Pay As You Go

Pay per minute or per second

Call 525

New Daily Plans

Etisalat new daily rate plans, All your daily communication needs Minutes to all networks at 10 pt/min as well as Mobile Internet


Weekly Tariffs

Relax with more weekly savings

Call 525

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