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My Etisalat (Account)
My Etisalat (Account)

Etisalat 4G

Committed to providing you the best service and latest technologies, Etisalat is now the first on-air 4G LTE trial phase in Egypt and the only operator with SIM cards already enabled for 4G LTE – giving you better voice and internet servic across Egypt.

What is 4G LTE?
Is my device 4G LTE compatible?


What is 4G LTE?

The fourth generation of mobile network technology, 4G gives you outstanding browsing and downloading speeds, superior voice services and more.

What benefits do I get from 4GLTE?

With 4G LTE, Internet download speeds increase up to 10 times their current speed for immediate video downloading and browsing, and the new developed networks mean better services and calls and bigger and better offers and deals.

Do I Need a New Device to have 4G LTE?

If your device is 4G LTE-enabled you do not need to buy a new device. To check the status of your device click here.


4G LTE and my SIM card?

SIM card

Is My SIM Card
4G LTE Enabled?

Definitely. We have been preparing for the launch of 4G in Egypt since we arrived in the market, as the first operator in Egypt to offer the most-advanced 3G network services we have been ready for the launch of 4G LTE and are committed to bringing you the best in 4G services.


Will 4G LTE service drain my mobile battery?

New smartphones are equipped to manage the speed of 4G LTE service so you should not feel a big difference in the lifespan of your battery.

4G LTE availability


Is 4G LTE Available Now?

We are now in the trial period and we will be launching soon. Follow us through our website, social media pages and news and promotional channels, we will be announcing the 4G activation date soon.

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