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Welcome to Emerald

Welcome to the realm of exclusive privileges where we will provide you with a vast spectrum of our telecom services & connectivity, with plush benefits that would take your travel and business experiences to a whole new level.

Our Services

Continuously aiming to provide you with the best service.

Personal Account Manager

Click To Call

Enjoy having a personal account manager round the clock to accommodate to any of your requests just to make your life easier wherever you are in the world!

Free Calls

Enjoy unlimited amount of free calls to any family members included in your plan.

VIP lounges

Enjoy privileged access to 840 VIP lounges with ADIB card around the world for a delightful world class experience courtesy of Etisalat Emerald.

Mega Internet Value and Carry Over

Enjoy upto 60 GB worth of internet on your chosen plan to be used by you or distributed among your plan members. Any unused GBs from the previous month can be carried over to the next month! You can also borrow GBs in advance from your next month’s quota!

Distribution & Transfer

Minutes, Megabytes, SMS’ and even Points can be distributed or Transferred anytime during the month from the main line to all the connected lines in the rate plan.


Etisalat and ADIB have come together to present you with a card made exclusively for Emerald members. It can be used for local and international purchases and it even has its own system for point's accumulation and redemption.


Emerald 200 Emerald 400 Emerald 600 Emerald 1000
Bundle fees EGP 200 EGP 400 EGP 600 EGP 1000
Number of lines on the bundle 1 to 2 1 to 3 1 to 5 1 to 6
Local minutes 1600 3600 5500 9000
Mobile Internet 7 GBs 16 GBs 30 GBs 60 GBs
International minutes - 30 45 60
Mobile Internet while Roaming 50 MBs 50 MBs 50 MBs 50 MBs
Bonus Emerald Points 600 Bonus points 1200 Bonus points 1800 Bonus points 3000 Bonus points
Local SMS 500 2000 2000 2000
All calls between family lines are free of charge up to 10,000 minutes every month.
Terms and conditions:
  • The tariffs can be taken on a single line or multiple lines with capping
  • These Rate Plans are Tax Exclusive
  • The minutes and GBs are equally distributed between the lines. The main line can change this distribution or transfer the minutes and GBs between the lines anytime from his/her phone.

About Us

Emerald, is a new platform from Etisalat Misr made especially for its most eminent clients. Bringing all the perks of your leading mobile communications operator, and more.

We will be providing you with a world-class delightful experience. It is an honor to invite you to become a member of the Etisalat family and overjoyed to welcome you to the exclusive world of Emerald.

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